Fellini 1920-2020
Considering the current covid-19 pandemia challenges, it’s hard to get events planned. We initiated contacts with the Sarajevo Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, but they have more pressing matters to take care of than our exhibition proposal. More positive energy comes from Rimini, the birthplace of Fellini, and they are in the process of consideration.
Our first physical exhibition of Posters for Fellini project is on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia between June 1–14, 2021. It was initiative of our friend and exhibition participant ranko novak, who also selected a limited number of posters that are featured on digital displays. Project is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Ljubljana, the Slovenian Cinematheque and Europlakat.
Our dear friend, colleague and participant celeste prieto from Paraguay initiated and organized presentation of Posters for Fellini project during the 29th Film Festival in Paraguay. Our project was included in the official program of the festival that was held from December 5 to December 20, 2020 by streaming online only (catalogue pages 125-126). The themes of the festival were: Memories, Illusions and Fantasies, Celebrating 125 Years of the Birth of Cinema and 100 Years of the Birth of Federico Fellini.
Our participating colleagues in Sarajevo bojan hadzihalilovic, amra zulfikarpasic and dalida karic-hadziahmetovic are working hard to present the Posters for Fellini project in the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts during the fall semester. Let’s hope…